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Tru-Brand Collective is a boutique branding and marketing agency that services craft spirits industry by providing creative strategy and execution in four core practice areas: brand development and communications, event and trade show staffing, retail activations and integrated marketing.

The craft spirits category is young, thriving and growing at a phenomenal pace. With consumer preferences shifting from mass-produced multinational brands to independently produced liquor, the craft segment of the distilled spirits industry becomes flooded with numerous new entrants into the market ranging from micro distilleries that are opening all across the country to the brands that are produced by large liquor conglomerates but marketed as “craft” or “artisanal”. As the shelves become more crowded and competition stiffens, the importance of a thoughtful, strategic approach to brand development and packaging cannot be overstated. While good product quality is necessary for a brand’s reputation to take hold, creative marketing and impactful brand identity that convey authenticity and craftsmanship, while resonating with target customer base on emotional and intellectual levels alike, provide the vehicle that will give your brand momentum and longevity.

Empowered by 14 years experience in craft spirits industry, we offer our clients customized brand-building solutions, fitting any budget, from targeted retail activations and event staffing services to all encompassing 36° multi-media marketing programs that create measurable results, while fostering communities of loyal fans and brand advocates.

About Us

Our Difference

Unlike numerous national event staffing and marketing agencies that work with clients from different industries and markets – from healthcare to technology or hospitality, Tru-Brand Collective focuses its activities on one segment of distilled spirits industry – craft spirits. It is our firm belief that a true success is not possible without working with a faithful partner who understands your brand’s needs from a firsthand in-depth experience in your industry sector. And Tru-Brand Collective strives to be such a partner for independent suppliers of craft liquor. Fueled by our long-time passion for craft spirits and armed with a thorough knowledge of distilled spirits industry, we can help our clients to build iconic brands and increase their sales performance.

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What We Do

We believe that iconic brands can emerge only when all aspects of their marketing strategy work together in harmony. We help our clients grow strong brands with a lasting power that transcends time and trends by providing a wide range of customized solutions designed with craft spirits in mind: from developing unique branding identities that stand out among competition to dynamic retail activations that build customer base and to multi-channel integrated marketing.

Retail Activations

Retail Activation marketing is the deployment of fully integrated custom-designed strategies to promote new products, engage customers and stimulate purchases through promotional events and experimental activations that continue to resonate particularly well in the realm of spirits and craft liquor.

The good times that are associated with alcohol brands make them the perfect product around which to orchestrate fun shared experiences that build lasting emotional connections and foster brand loyalty. And, of course, retail activations provide a perfect opportunity for shoppers to sample promoted brands either neat or in mixed drinks, the most effective way to covert event attendees into paying customers. Retail activations also allow us to collect firsthand insights on shopper behavior, opinions and actions.

Our activation strategies incorporate educational experiences that deliver real value to a consumer. These include cocktail classes or drink making experiences, where customers learn how to mix customized delicious concoctions alongside industry professionals.


Event Staffing

Business to Business and Business to Consumer trade shows and events are a perfect opportunity for craft spirits suppliers to generate leads, nurture prospects, build brand awareness, expand distribution, conduct training, or enhance relationships with existing customers.

To enhance marketing activations, product launches, corporate gatherings, conventions, expositions, trade shows and other promotional events, Tru-Brand Collective provides clients with a wide gamut of services starting from sourcing, training and deployment of accomplished brand ambassadors, promoters, and product demonstrators and to full turn-key marketing strategies that incorporate development of the event’s creative concept, logistics planning, on-site execution and generation of insightful feedback and reporting.


Brand Identity

When your product is built on craftsmanship, your branding – from logo and tagline and to content strategy and social media presence - must transmit brand’s authenticity and artisanal characteristics to consumers who are increasingly seeking out independently produced brands. Compelling brand identity is a powerful way to communicate with the world, differentiate yourself from competition, and create a brand experience that encourages people to engage with your product.

This is particularly important for craft brands, considering that most of them are comparatively unknown to consumers and, for many independently produced spirits, their marketing budgets are often strained. Add to this equation an intense competition for shopper attention in today’s overcrowded marketplace and marketing challenges rising from the excessive use of “craft” and “artisan” labels by many brands and it becomes clear that the advantages of having consistent, concise and engaging brand identity that highlights craftsmanship, authenticity and artisanal characteristics cannot be overstated. At Tru-Brand Collective, we develop relevant, tangible, result-driven solution through all elements of brand identity development:

  • Brand Name and Tagline Development
  • Logo Development
  • Packaging
  • Brand Voice and Tone
  • Content Strategy

360° Marketing

360° Marketing is defined as a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing campaign, which is executed across all marketing mix elements of the brand, including print, digital and social media as well as in-store and online interactions, and designed to communicate a consistent brand message to consumers at all points of their contact with the brand.

Mobile technology has cardinally changed the ways of how consumers communicate with the brands in today’s fast-paced environment and significantly impacted their shopping patterns and preferences. At the same time, limitations on shipment of distilled spirits that are enacted in many States, underscore the importance of retail activations since most of the spirit sales still happen in off-premise accounts. The complexity of the distilled spirits industry in the US dictates that a successful 360° Marketing campaign should target consumers’ shopping cycle in its entirety and may involve:

  • Retail Activations
  • Sampling Campaigns
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Social Media Engagements
  • Experimental Marketing
  • Consumer promotions


Alberto Navarro

"I cannot be more pleased with retail activations and experimental marketing services that Tru-Brand Collective designed and implemented for our tequila brands. It allowed us to build up a fan base for our brands and we enjoy seeing how people interact with our products. Reporting that we received was very informative and allowed us to fine-tune our sales strategies and make them more effective. "

Our Client

Anita Kim

"I always enjoy working Tru-Brand Collective’s tasting events. The quality of their brands is great; it helps me to sell more products during activations. While Tru-Brand’s base compensation package is excellent, their sales incentives allow me to earn even more money. The support that ambassadors are getting from the company is bar none. If I experience any problems during activations or need more information, they are always ready to help. "

Brand Ambassador

Jeff Burdge

"Our company often works with Tru-Brand Collective when they organize experimental marketing campaigns or retail activations for the brands that we carry. I am very impressed with their approach to business; their brand ambassadors are very professional, have excellent product knowledge and work hard engaging consumers. Not only we see immediate improvement in sales from activated accounts, we also experience lasting increase in demand for promoted brands. I look forward to continue working with them in the future. "

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Our Process

Research and Creative Concept

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Deployment and Feedback Gathering

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Analysis and Improvement

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Our Outreach

In a three-tier distilled spirits industry environment, consumers can directly interact with craft brands only in licensed on-premise and off-premise retail settings. While our ambassadors can execute engaging tasting events, providing consumers with a chance to sample the product and obtain brand information they desire, it is sales personnel of retail accounts who connect and communicate with a buying public on a day-to-day basis. Nurturing retailer advocacy for the brands we promote is one of the major factors behind a successful activation campaign. To help our clients forge crucially important liaisons with retail accounts, we maintain productive relationships with leading national liquor chains and numerous independent accounts.


Our Careers

From brand ambassadors to spokesmodels and product demonstrators, Tru-Brand Collective is looking to grow our team of talented marketers who are passionate about promoting craft spirits brands. With competitive compensation packages, enticing sales bonuses and a workplace that encourages initiative, creativity and accomplishment, Tru-Brand Collective can be a great partner in advancing your promotional career.

There has not been a better moment to join the craft spirit renaissance in our country. The burgeoning craft alcoholic beverage industry — from beer and wine to cider and liquor — is emerging as a new focal point in the US economy. If you’d like to explore the exciting beverage alcohol business, apply today!

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Where to Find us

Have a question or want to learn more about Tru-Brand Collective? Give our office a call, or send us an e-mail message to get in touch with a specific department using e-mail addresses listed below. We can’t wait to show you our passion for what we do and explore how we can achieve amazing things together.