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Our Story

Entering distilled spirits industry more than a decade and a half ago as craft liquor importers, we learned firsthand of many pitfalls rising out of employing large national staffing and marketing agencies to manage our retail activations. Plagued by high no-show rates, disengaged and poorly trained ambassadors, inefficient communication, poor sales results and negative feedback from retail partners, the decision was taken to start our own event-staffing department.

By offering our talent pool highly competitive compensation packages and sales incentives, and providing comprehensive product and selling technique training, we noticed that our retail activation became efficient, while the costs of the programs went down. Encouraged by this success, the business eventually branched into integrated marketing and brand identity development, where our hard-earned craft spirits expertise turned out to be a key asset

Combining brand development and integrated marketing under the same strategic leadership of the skilled industry trailblazers with profound insights into the craft spirits segment’s intrinsic trends, opportunities and challenges allows our company to achieve consistent brand management and carry out impactful and cost-efficient marketing campaigns while maintaining extraordinary levels of customer satisfaction.

Over the last fourteen years, our family business evolved into a thriving team of talented marketers, inspired innovators, client-focused go-getters and dedicated craft spirit advocates. Committed to raising awareness of authentic craft spirits in the U.S. we learn, collaborate, advance and succeed together.

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Our Expertise

Our abilities and skills have been honed by many years of firsthand craft spirits industry experience and we are excited to share our hard-earned expertise with our clients. Propelled by the genuine passion to artisanally produced liquor, our work is centered on two major areas of practice: creation of unique brand identities for independently produced spirits that are centered on authenticity, heritage and craftsmanship, and development of innovative and effective marketing campaigns with an ultimate goal of fostering iconic brands that transcend time and trends and win people’s hearts. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Brand Development and Storytelling
  • Content Strategy
  • Media Planning and Execution
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Retail and Trade Show Activations

Our Services


Similar to many craft suppliers that we work with, Tru-Brand Collective is an independent, family-owned firm founded by long-term distilled spirits industry professionals, Marina and Patrick Wilson.

When it comes to artisanally produced spirits, Marina Wilson believes in the power of storytelling branding and illustrative packaging that is deeply rooted in brand’s narrative and craftsmanship and connect with consumers on a deep emotional level. Leveraging this strong brand identity, she designs marketing campaigns that generate lasting bonds between the brand and its target audience while enhancing the product demand and sales.

Patrick Wilson brings to the company his extensive expertise in sales management and business development. Leading the client relationship department, Patrick plays a key role in cultivating and growing relationships with the company’s clients. He is responsible for maintaining and growing existing client revenue, ensuring that Tru-Brand Collective is considered a strategic partner, and that service levels and client experiences are industry leading.

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