Brand Identity

Brand Identity

The craft spirits category is young, thriving and growing at an impressive pace, with American consumers more than ever attracted to independent brands that offer unique ingredients and flavors, artisanal production techniques and impart compelling stories that resonate with people on an emotional level. The global craft spirits market is expected to reach a whopping $80.43 billion by 2025, growing at an impressive compound annual growth rate of 33.4%. The industry is largely concentrated in North America where the growing demand for authentic liquors is driven by the millennial generation, a testament to their steadfast preference for unconventional and experimental alcoholic beverages.

However, the shift in consumer preferences away from mass-produced brands and towards spirits made with craftsmanship, and the resulting burgeoning renaissance of craft alcohol in the US present unique challenges for newcomers to an extremely crowded and competitive marketplace. While the diversity and style of craft spirits packaging delight the eyes of craft spirit aficionados, the very abundance of products bearing the labels “craft”, “artisanal” and “small-batch” makes it difficult for small distilleries to establish themselves and gain brand recognition, and can be confusing for customers.

As the shelves become more crowded, the importance of a thoughtful, strategic approach to brand development cannot be overstated. While product quality is indispensable for a brand’s reputation and longevity, impactful brand identity is a key to getting people to notice your product in the first place and try it ahead of your competition. It gives your brand momentum and builds loyal customer base of brand fans and advocates.

At Tru-Brand Collective, our brand development process always starts with a deep exploration of the story of the people and idea behind your brand, its production process, heritage and unique selling points. Then we crystallize and express this story through all visual and verbal elements of brand identity – from product’s name and logo to packaging and social media presence – to give your brand a unique captivating identity and establish it genuine craft credentials.

Creating an iconic brand that has a power to connect with people on a deep emotional and intellectual levels and drive their willingness to pay a premium for a distilled spirit requires a fusion of insightful brand strategy, audacious creativity and a solid market expertise that allows us to identify contemporary industry trends, market gaps, opportunities and competitors’ challenges.