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As more and more US consumers develop avid interest towards authentic craft alcohol beverages, mixing creative cocktails and experimenting with unusual flavors, many suppliers of artisan spirits, wine and beer are looking for knowledgeable and enthusiastic endorsers and spokespersons to introduce their offerings to the drinking public and help them to build their brands in the challenging and competitive marketplace

Tru-Brand Collective provides staff for trade shows, retail activations, tastings events, product demonstrations, conventions, expositions and other promotional events throughout the United States. While we work with all companies, from large corporations to small businesses, the core foundation of our client base are suppliers of artisan alcohol – from domestic and foreign craft distilleries to family-owned wineries and microbreweries.

We are proud to work with the best marketing personnel across the country; people who are excited about the brands that they represent and are results-driven. Knowledgeable, reliable and enthusiastic, our spokesmodels and brand ambassadors showcase promoted products during sampling events and retail activations, build brand awareness, generate buzz, and help to covert consumers into paying customers and loyal fans.

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Andy Smith

"I’d considered going into the wine and spirits business, but I didn’t have the broad knowledge I thought I needed. The product education at Tru-Brand is top notch. I got to become an expert on all the brands I sold, and getting paid top dollar for doing what I enjoy was the best experience ever. "

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Liza Mirovsky

"My tastings made me feel like I was on stage. I’m a people person, and getting to talk to buyers all night long didn’t even feel like work."

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Ina Lowen

"I never knew how much fun work could be! I got to pour serious craft spirits, talk about them to consumers, mix up cocktails, and I made good money."

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Would you like to participate in turning some of the fastest growing brands of craft alcohol into true icons of beverage industry? Would you like to work with the company, which appreciates your efforts and hard work by supporting you with necessary product knowledge, top of the market compensation rates and sales incentives? Do you have excellent communication skills, fast learner and success-driven?

Tru-Brand Collective is looking for the talent in the states of Florida, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Minnesota and Texas with the skills to represent our brands in the following fields:

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Spokespeople
  • Product Demonstrators
  • Team Leads/Supervisors
  • Trade-Show Staff

If you are passionate about distilled spirits industry and want to explore career opportunities in this field, apply today! With your application, please, include a resume and several recent photos. Industry licenses and experience with mixology may be require for some positions.

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