Event Staffing

Event Staffing

Our Event Staffing services are designed to answer specific needs of our clients for obtaining impactful and professional representation for a variety of consumer and industry oriented events.

Trade shows remain an important and effective tool of acquiring new customers as well as re-energizing the relationships with existing ones. With industry trade shows and conventions open to retail and wholesale spirits buyers, their sales representatives, managers, members of the press and other professional attendees, these events facilitate meaningful conversations between suppliers, competitors and customers alike.

To ensure that trade shows and consumer-oriented events generate a positive impact on our clients’ bottom line and improve their standing in the industry, our results-oriented trade show and event staffing services are custom-tailored for your special event needs and objectives with a mission of increasing brand awareness and improving sales.

At the core of successful event and trade show marketing always beats a human heart of motivated, experienced and knowledgeable brand representatives. Without dynamic, well-trained talent pool, all expensive event advertising, eye-catching booths and exhibits and creative attendees’ giveaways can be wasted. At Tru-Brands Collective, we are dedicated to providing our clients with booth teams that can engage visitors with effective face-to-face interactions and deliver brand information in clear, concise and easily understood way.

Whether it is a convention, conference, fair, expo or a product launch, our accomplished brand ambassadors and spokesmodels are perfectly positioned to create lasting, stimulating brand impressions, attract attendees, drive lead-generation, social media and press coverage and provide other actionable, measurable results.