360° Marketing

360° Marketing

A 360° Marketing is an all-inclusive, multi-channel campaign implemented with a goal of driving consumer interaction with a brand throughout the entire buying cycle, from discovery and purchase and to a repeat customer. Utilizing every available medium (broadcast, digital, social, and in-person engagement), a successful 360° Marketing Campaign brings your brand to life through firsthand experiences, develops long-term emotional connections and converts potential customers into loyal fans and advocates.

Comprehensive 360° marketing campaigns have become increasingly essential for craft spirit brands that encounter unique challenges in the crowded marketplace. Not only they face unyielding rivalry from multiple new craft entrants to the industry, large multinational corporations have noticed the success of artisanal trend and moved in the sector to capitalize on the profit opportunity. Because there is no legal definition to govern their use, the words “craft”, “artisanal”, “handcrafted” and “small-batch” are quickly loosing their impact as multinationals can legally use these labels in marketing and advertising campaigns, even when their products don’t fit the “official” characteristics of craft. As a result, the word “craft” is losing its charm among many consumers, who often see the term as a mere marketing gimmick.

To distinguish genuine artisan products from multinational competitors, a successful marketing campaign must raise consumer awareness of craft spirits and prove brand’s craftsmanship and authenticity to restore consumer trust.

While all our 360° Marketing Campaigns are custom-tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients and to enhance their brands’ visibility and sales, the development of marketing strategies always includes the following crucial elements:

1. Extensive SWOT analysis is performed to identify brand’s strong points and weaknesses as well as market opportunities and threats. The understanding of the external and internal factors that might affect future brand performance is essential in developing impactful marketing campaigns that capitalize on the existing opportunities and take full advantage of the brand’s intrinsic strengths and potential, while accounting for challenges and threats from the competition and market shifts.

2. Identifying the target customers that the brand wants to reach and a thorough examination of their shopping preferences and buying patterns, which allows us to focus on the marketing mediums and approaches that are best suited to deliver brand message.

3. Determination of the brand message that a 360° Marketing Campaign wants to communicate to the target consumers, which should be clear, concise, exciting and consistent, while engaging all elements of brand identity: imagery, cultural allusions, color schemes, copy, etc.

4. Formulation of the attainable and measurable goals behind the campaign to ensure that it fits into the client’s budget and delivers the expected ROI.

5. Designing impactful and captivating creative content and promotional means to ensure that the marketing campaign meets the objectives and reaches target customers at all possible points of contact.