Tequila Espanita

tequila espanita



Espanita is handcrafted tequila produced in small batches from 100% Highlands Blue Agave at the family-owned distillery located in Jalisco’s Highlands according to traditional ancestral methods developed hundreds years ago and honed by several generations of tequileros.


American consumers cannot get enough of Mexico’s native spirit: the U.S. represents tequila’s largest market, with about 52% of global sales. Consumers, especially those belonging to the millennial generation, are attracted to Blue Agave spirit not only by its versatility but also by tequila’s heritage and traditional production techniques.

Growing popularity of tequila resulted in a highly competitive, overcrowded marketplace. New entrants into the industry have to compete with a multitude of well-known and obscure brands. With many mass-produced tequilas promoted as “craft” offerings, the marketplace becomes more and more confusing for American buyers who have no inside knowledge about the industry that would allow them to distinguish truly artisanal brands from those supplied by large international conglomerates, using “craft” and “artisanal” labels in their advertising efforts to capitalize on the current market trends.

In designing Espanita’s brand identity, we faced two major challenges: to create packaging that stands out from the competition and to establish Espanita’s authenticity as a true craft spirits.


In designing Espanita’s presentation we were inspired by the traditional Sun and Moon motifs, deeply rooted in the ancient mythology of indigenous people of Mexico. To create rich illustrative branding, we decided to give of Blanco, Reposado and Anejo varietals different designs, distinctive but, at the same time, united by the same theme. The label of Espanita Blanco, an unaged spirit, depicts the crescent Moon surrounded by the shimmering stars, which signifies a promise of a new beginning. Espanita Reposado features a golden disk of the Sun, an ancient symbol of rebirth, strength and power, while Anejo’s label portrays a juncture of the Sun and the Moon; combined together they represent a merging of opposites, unity and cooperation.

To establish Espanita’s credentials as authentic handcrafted brand, its back labels feature informational highlights of Espanita’s artisanal production that take consumers on a mini-journey across the fascinating world of tequila’s heritage and labor-intensive manufacturing techniques.

With imposing custom-designed embossed bottles and paper labels featuring premium finishing touches such as high-build spot gloss, embossing and foiling, the overall look of Espanita showcases its super-premium quality that is deeply rooted in history and craft.