Puerto Angel Rum

rum puerto angel



Puerto Angel represents a rare category within rum segment; a hard to find Mexican artisanal rum handcrafted from the cold-pressed cane juice in “rhum agricole” style from exclusive sugarcane varietal grown in the mountainous region of Michoacán Highlands, at a soaring elevation of 5,300 feet above the sea level. Unique terroir of this remote area and its mineral-rich volcanic soils result in a richly flavored sugar cane with high natural sweetness. The client wanted a brand identity that would appeal to consumers while highlighting Puerto Angel’s original flavors and craft credentials.


In a crowded rum segment of the distilled spirits industry, the main challenge was to create original branding that would elevate the product’s image while still establishing it within segment’s packaging norms. Another objective was to present consumers with necessary information about brand’s heritage, artisanal production and unique flavor profile.


The brand’s image is inspired by a remote Mexican coastal fishing village surrounded by steep rocky hills and green impenetrable forests. Located far from usual tourist destinations, Puerto Angel is a paradise for nature lowers, with its pristine beaches framed by palm trees, fruit-laden papaya trees and blooming bougainvillea, and turquoise ocean waters speckled with colorful fishing boats.

Puerto Angel’s packaging communicates this theme in an understated way appropriate for a super-premium spirit, with its illustrative branding highlighting its Mexican origin. Tall bottles customized with frosting and embossing help to generate an imposing shelf presence for Puerto Angel rum, while still firmly placing the brand within rum category.Both front and back labels testify to the product’s authenticity and supplier’s attention to quality, with each bottle inspected and signed by the master distiller, while taking a viewer to the imaginary journey to the unspoiled tropical retreat and evoking pleasant feelings of relaxation and joy.