Retail Activations

Retail Activations

Retail activation is one of the most important marketing and sales enhancing tools for craft beverage alcohol brands. Today’s distilled spirits industry is an increasingly crowded marketplace with artisanally produced liquor facing fierce competition not only from the well-established multinational brands, but also from the fresh entrants to an industry from the newly opened craft distilleries. According to The Craft Spirits Data Project, the number of active craft distillers grew to 1,835 in August 2018, a 15.5% increase over the previous year.

In this environment, creating brand awareness among trade buyers and consumers and gaining a market share becomes a very challenging task that requires creativity, thorough industry knowledge and constantly evolving marketing tools.

Backed by twelve years of industry expertise, Tru-Brand Collective can design impactful and cost-efficient retail activation campaigns for craft spirits that will generate consumer excitement, create and foster brand awareness, improve sales, build retailer advocacy and cultivate loyal fans.

In the era of personalized, one-to-one engagement, craft spirit brands are increasingly turning to experiential and event marketing to create rich, emotional connections with consumers, form long-lasting ties and nurture brand loaylty. Going beyond brand awareness, successful retail activations and exeprimental marketing campaigns drive direct ROI, whether in terms of the consumer data that can be gathered and analyzed, or in the form of immediate sales. In fact, according to Adweek data, 72% of consumers said that they positively view brands that provide quality event content and experiences. More importantly, a whopping 74% indicated that engaging with branded event marketing experiences makes them more likely to buy the products being promoted.

Our retail activation campaigns are built on four major keystones: (1) Consumer education and engagement, which generates positive brand perception and loyalty; (2) Comprehensive sampling and product demonstration campaigns that allow consumers to try your product ahead of your competitors; (3) Assisted selling; (4) Gathering firsthand feedback on shopper behavior, their reaction to a product, questions and critiques as well as on opinions and actions of retailers’ sales personnel.

We achieve our goals by employing accomplished brand evangelists who provide shoppers with personalized brand-interaction experience by engaging them on the retail floor, answering their questions, informing them about your brand’s unique features, heritage and production techniques while manning their brand’s product displays or overseeing product demos. This meaningful engagement is a key sales driver. By fostering emotional connection to a brand and giving retail account patrons an ability to taste the product neat and in showcase cocktails, our brand ambassadors convert consumers into paying customers and advocates, and elevate the sales on a long-term basis.